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"When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else." ~ Joseph Campbell
"The trouble with talk about 'learning experiences' is that it implies that all experiences can be divided into two kinds, those from which we learn something, and those from which we learn nothing. But there are no experiences from which we learn nothing. We learn from everything we do, and everything that happens to us or is done to us." John Holt, Instead of Education

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Today I went to my second NIA dance class and I LOVED IT...it is described as a personal growth, body-mind-spirit fitness program, incorporating moves from traditional aerobics, all kinds of dance, yoga/pilates and martial arts.....check it out at http://www.niac.ca/on/aboutnia.php if you've never heard about it....it is apparently very popular in North America but just catching on here in the UK.

After the class we met up with Dorit, Peter and Zach, (Dorit teaches the class and Zach is in Bailey's class at North London Rudolph Steiner) and other friend of hers Jen and her son and we checked out a new park we've been meaning to go to called Friary Park. The British sure know how to do parks and playgrounds, I tell you.....they almost always have a great cafe or restaurant there too. I had a great greek salad, but then everything tastes great when you're starving after a good workout! The NIA classes are the closest I've come to skating in the old days in a LONG time.

Now we are 'prepping' for daddy deserting us for three days! He is off on his BMW motorcycle adventure to Germany for his medical appointment....he'll be soaking up the dream because he'll have to dive back into his thesis when he returns...only a few weeks left!

We also bought a new old (!) computer off Ebay today. Jaxon has been begging us to get some kind of video game system for a long time but opted today to spend his money from Grandma and Grandpa Werry towards a new family computer that can play PC games that he would have played on a playstation or something but he can also use the internet, play chess and checkers with Grandma June and Roy (and whomever else is willing!) and use other software that he has like his Lego Digital Designer and others. We have all been 'fighting' over daddy's laptop as the other computer has been working on and off and is not fast enough for games.

Anyway, hopefully this computer will work out well. Jaxon is pleased with his decision after much research and consideration. Now he wants to get a paper route to pay for games and such...only we don't think they do that here....although there are alot of flyers delivered by people....he may have to wait until Canada for the paper route thing...he is really keen though. He thinks he will ride his bike to do it..we'll see!

Sé was teething pretty hard again today but is still as sweet as ever, charming everyone with his smiles. Almost sitting up but too impatient to bother....he just wants to stand....he's all legs! On his belly, he can spin in a circle, pull himself forward a bit and gets up on his feet and knees but can't quite get right up on all fours yet. He'll be 6 months on Friday.....wow, time flies!



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