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"When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else." ~ Joseph Campbell
"The trouble with talk about 'learning experiences' is that it implies that all experiences can be divided into two kinds, those from which we learn something, and those from which we learn nothing. But there are no experiences from which we learn nothing. We learn from everything we do, and everything that happens to us or is done to us." John Holt, Instead of Education

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Circus Camp and other pics.....

We got some photos sent to us from the camp Bailey and Jaxon attended - Bailey was there every day, so Jaxon must have missed the day the photographer came:(

Here are the boys at Stone Soup - the gym at the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre:

This is the outdoor area near the gym where we spend our late Tuesday afternoons until Beavers and Cubs - Jaxon starts Cubs next week and Bailey just got a temporary little vest for Beavers last night - wow, was he proud! BTW, if anyone comes across second hand Beaver or Cub uniforms, please let us know! Thx!

Also,.....Bailey's design that he was very proud of and wanted to share! Our favourite puzzle blocks from England www.myriadonline.co.uk ...thanks to a generous donation from G & G Werry at the time!!

Our spring snowfall has all but melted/washed away now, so we're hoping to dry up soon! Then it will be time to tackle the worshop and build the shed! We are also hoping to build either a treehouse or clubhouse and create a campfire pit here. The bike path is pretty much dry and clear so we hope to get out scooting and biking soon.
Both boys start ball hockey soon, so we are looking for hockey gloves and jocks!!..maybe a taller stick for Jaxon. His legs have been aching lately after a big day out, so I've been wondering about a growth spurt again!?
Oh yeah, and if anyone has any great astronomy/space facts for Jaxon (he's looking for a great one for every week of his course), put them in our comments section or email them to Jaxon at jaxonflannagan@gmail.com !
That's all for now folks!

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